"These beautiful stories are fresh, with just enough Borges-ian magic to make them feel extraordinary."

-- Publishers Weekly, Starred Review


Although a collection of flash-stories, Daniel Chacón’s Hotel Juárez also contains “rooms” and “loops,” as if the text itself were the hotel in Ciudad Júarez, which was once “the most dangerous city in the world.”

Within the three-story brick and mortar building, there are many doors, behind which the dead and the living congregate, and there are countless hallways that loop around and connect the souls of everyone.

The stories are set all over the world, in Paris, El Paso, Los Angeles, and imaginary cities that can only be found in the multi-verse. An image or rhythm can emerge from one flash-story and be released into another, looping back in time and space, so that you might find yourself walking up the stairs to your room, and you run into yourself coming down the stairs, a “you” from a different time or reality. 

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Daniel Chacón is the author of four books of fiction and co-editor with Mimi Gladstein of The Last Supper of Chicano Heroes: the Selected Works of Jose Antonio Burciaga, which won the American Book Award in 2009. Chacón is recipient of a grant from the Chris Isherwood Foundation as well as the Hudson Book Prize for Unending Rooms, a collection of stories and flash fiction of which Antonya Nelson writes, "Chacón has either re-invented the form, or refreshingly reminded his readers of what stories do best, linger in the mind..."

"These stories make you think, and they reach the heart with a cast of unique characters and surprise endings. An out standing collection."

-- Rudolfo Anaya, author of Bless Me, Ultima.

His books are widely used at college and universities, and the stories have been anthologized in many collections, including The Best Erotic Writing in Latin American Fiction.

He is also editor of the forthcoming book, Colón-nization, Early and Posthumous Poems of Andres Montoya.